Taming of the Drew

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Are you looking for a wild, gender-bending romp of a good time? Taming of the Drew, a full-length novel, is a hilarious update of the Shakespearean classic. Drew is a hotly-recruited high school football jock, nationally known for his prep prowess. But his bad behavior is moving him fast along the path to self-destruction. Enter Kate, a band-geek fellow student who’s clueless about Drew, but is willing to do anything to save the school’s last six redwoods. Including making a hopeless deal to get football-star Drew to behave. Taming of the Drew is for any person who’s ever tried to manage someone they had no hope of controlling!

So does Kate “tame” Drew? Will Drew make it to graduation? And will Kate’s precious trees fall?

Taming of the Drew breaks new ground in publishing. It is the first novel to have the entire prequel of Drew’s downfall told in “real time” on Twitter (#twitterfiction), beginning November 28, 2012, through the twitters feeds of Kate (@sixredwoods), Celia the snark-queen (@tamingdrew), and Dean Padua (@legacylemurs). Legacy High’s website www.legacylemurs.com (Go Lemurs!) gives readers a fun “mockumentary” look at Legacy High’s foibles, football scores, and even their embarrassingly plagiarized Student Code of Conduct. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction even more, fans can buy Lemur Gear to show school pride, and even donate to Legacy Lemurs’ real charity of choice.

Taming of the Drew is also the first mainstream PG-13 YA book to include such subplots as sexting, twitter, black-market campus sales of contraband trans-fats/sodas, high-pressure teen sports recruiting and the poignant struggles of transgender high school students. Uniquely modern, fast-paced and unpredictable – Taming of the Drew is a rollicking good time.
“I really don’t see what’s so wrong about buying Twitter followers. Lots of my friends were equally cheap.” — Celia Snyder
“This book is required reading for Legacy’s new mandatory Ethics 101 class. Buy your copy now.” — Dean Verona
“So, hypothetically speaking, if you’re expelled because of five different major school violations occurring at the same time, does that go on your record once? Or five times? Just wondering.” — Kate Baptista

The Taming of the Drew by Jan Gurley is now available for Kindle from Amazon. You can go download it here. Or you can get a sample in PDF format here.

You can also hear a magnificent rap promotion of the book below. Thanks to the artist “Beats by Octavia” of www.beatsbyoctavia.com.